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It’s time to bring the
human back to marketing

Marketing. It has until now, been viewed as companies pushing their messaging out into the world and trying to get consumers to buy more. That just doesn’t work anymore. Customers are calling the shots. If marketing is going to have any chance at success, it must be delivering value to the consumer—helping to solve the problems this person has set out to solve, in the moment they need to be solved. This goes beyond one-to-one marketing. Every interaction an individual has with a brand must deliver value.

The way to make that happen is to bring the human back to marketing. To speak to each individual contextually, in the moment. And to do that, we must follow the five pillars of best-in-class marketing.

"Make your marketing so useful people would pay for it."

-Jay Baer, President, Convience & Covert

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Market Segmentation

Prioritizing the segments (verticals and sub-verticals) where the biggest opportunities exist is crucial in determining where to focus marketing, persona and content efforts.


You must understand the situation and context for why your customers will purchase your products if you want to create content that motivates them to act.

Buyer's Journey

The Buyer’s Journey is not randomized. There are distinctive and quantifiable steps, consumers go through on their path to purchase. Understanding the buyer’s journey informs the person, time, message and channel in your marketing.


Every interaction should deliver value to the customer and should be measured on its ability to do so.

Data and Martech Ecosystem

The right data and marketing technology enable human marketing in a digital world…at scale.

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